Milkshakes and mistakes


Dear Inquisitive Stranger,

Life has taught me that the best things come wrapped in blooper paper done up with gaffe string.

If Sir Alexander Fleming had ignored the bacteria growing on one the petri dishes he has set aside to throw out, he wouldn’t have discovered the powerful Penicillin antibiotic. If the foreman of the bed linen factory lacked the vision to find use for the fabric puckered by a broken machine, we would not have soft towels to dry our behinds when exiting the bath. No child would have raced a Slinky down the stairs, had the naval engineer designing a battleship power monitor not dropped a bunch of springs on the floor.

So let’s not get bummed out by our mistakes. Crikey, why do you think God gave us erasers? Fluffing things up has a value as long as we embrace what they teach us. By all means, never fritter away a corker of a blunder as these misadventures are proof that you are trying. If you haven’t any stories about getting bungled in the jungle then you’ve spent too long on the couch watching reruns of ‘The Littlest Hobo’ gorging on Hobnobs.

Mistakes take 2 guises – sudden misfires (i.e. not double checking for kisses before sending a work email) or premeditated moments of bad judgment (i.e. cheating during a game of Uno). If the mistake falls into the latter category recovery is shorter if you have prepped for a fall out. Like any insurer worth their salt, there is always a risk assessment calculation:20180309_153359.pngToday, my mistake was allowing dinner to be ordered by my gustatory cells, those little guys who bring the taste to the tongue party. I could have beetled next door for a healthy salad but elected instead for a blow out at Itaewon the Burger. I loaded up with the Avocadict burger, cajun fries plus the avocado and banana shake.


I may or may not have eaten a bowl of popcorn beforehand.

Current status: royally stuffed. A tear threatens to squeak out of the corner of my eye.


So I made a mistake, a delicious mistake, but has it been a successful mistake? Let’s assess the damage….

What have I learned? Greedy isn’t always fun.  

Were there any benefits? It was rootin’ tootin’ gloriously delicious. Highlights included the thick, thick shake, avocado power and a smiling service. 

Did anyone get hurt? Well, my stomach is not enjoying the stretch workout (although I didn’t hear my taste buds complaining).

In conclusion, I learned that post-popcorn, I should take the holy high road back to health by letting my brain do the ordering. Today was not that day. I don’t doubt there will be other days when I let my taste buds do the ordering. Either it will be raining outside or I’ll be watching an 80’s teenage make-over movie or feeling a bit under-the-weather and foraging for comfort food. I’ll just ensure I don’t eat enough for 2 next time. The takeaway point here is that I am not afraid to make mistakes as this is the place I shall grow, both in acumen and, in this instance, dress size.


So go forth, wise Stranger, mismatch your socks, rock frosty blue eyeshadow, wear the wrong trousers, flange up song lyrics, misjudge how many sherries you’ve drunk, make break dance gaffes at weddings.

Miscalculate, slip up, over-estimate and fall down.

Learning from life’s booboos are milestones of wisdom we can wear with honour. Meanwhile, old school photos of us sporting a non-ironic mullet can be squirreled away under floorboards. Just remember to own your mistake, especially if it hurt a person’s feelings. Say sorry swiftly and with earnest.

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if the man has courage to admit them.” Bruce Lee said that and nobody was about to tell that guy he was mistaken.

Peace, love and cha cha cha.

Don’t behave!


Itaewon the Burger Gangnam – roll up, roll up, get your shakes and burgers here! 

33 Samseong-ro 85-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Seolleung station, line 2, exit 1

Monday – Saturday 11.30 – 21:30 

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  1. Lisa says:

    Is eating mince-pies before the 1st of December a mistake? As I savored the thick, fruity gloop block (not a traditional pie – this was a Waitrose special) I felt guilty. “It’s too early” my inner voice cried, “I’m supposed to be on my Christmas diet” it groaned. However, I have mistakeinspo from yours truly, I forgive myself, the taste and satisfaction outweighed the date and diet. Mistake done –
    move on! Miscalculate, slip up, over-estimate and fall down INDEED! Especially as its nearing the Christmas month! And also, who is daft enough to say no to a mince pie all the way from England when living in Myanmar, quietly sitting there on the staff room table? “I don’t want one,” said no teacher ever!


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