Green tea and Battlecat


Dear Inquisitive Stranger,

hē ˌman

Noun, informal
a well-built, muscular man, especially one who is ostentatiously so.
synonyms: muscleman, strongman, macho man, iron man;
antonyms: wimp

Look at you! Sipping your matcha green tea and nibbling on green tea tiramisu. You checked all the lights were turned off and recycling had been sorted before cycling to ‘O’Sulloc’ for afternoon tiffin. Go green warrior!


I write to you as I sip on ‘Fresh Hallabong Tangerine Green Tea’. It sounded clean and uncomplicated but the reality is oblique and sugary. The drink rhapsodies in two layers of colour: orangutan orange and wild wasabi green. It uses the exact same colour scheme as Battlecat.



Dear Stranger, if you did not arrange to be born around the time the Walkman was introduced or PacMan was gobbling up pellets at the arcade, there is a chance you are unfamiliar with He-Man and his pet tiger. Meet the most powerful man in the universe and his fierce steed. On Saturday mornings, 80s kids would tune in to watch the duo fight the evil forces of Skeletor who was intent on crushing planet Eternia under his lavender heeled boot.


A self-confessed bad guy (“everything I do is for the sake of evil”), you can’t help be smitten by Skeletor. I find his string of awesome insults perfect for any occasion. “You ting, tong dolt” is unleashed during my most crabby of moments and if a colleague doesn’t listen to instruction, “Never mind what I said, just do as I said” seems to do the trick. And who can hide their frustration when aristocracy won’t take your phone call (“Skeletor to King Randor, come in you royal boob”)? Haven’t we all been there?


With an adversary who admits “I am not nice, I am not kind, I am not wonderful”, He-Man and Battlecat are up against it. Thankfully, with the power of Greyskull, the pair are able to transform from blunt-fringed Prince Adam and scaredy cat pal, Cringer, into their alter-egos. After fighting Skeletor and his bad guy henchmen, they always make time for a moral message in the finale. Heck, this is how I learned to recognise household poisons, not accept toys from strangers and check in with the doctor before doing heavy exercise.


So here we are in ‘O’Sulloc’ inhaling our green tea lattes and green tea ice flakes, up to the eyeballs in green merchandise. No wonder thoughts wander to our favourite green tiger, the only cat to have your back in a combat situation. Just make sure he has been transformed by the power of Greyskull before you pick the fight otherwise wimpy Cringer will leave you high and dry.

The transformation is really quite a spectacular upcycling project.

May I suggest to you, my darling Stranger, that today, on your greenest of days, you take to the streets with your green tea take-out cups and plastic forks to give them another shot at the big time?

Release your plastic bottle’s true potential by turning it into a pencil case and give an old lightbulb a thrill by making it a home for a hanging garden.

Don’t weep over bad luck, but turn those shards of broken mirror into a photo frame mosaic or shiny disco ball. Then there can be a party for the plastic bags woven into baskets and the guitar, smashed in a moment of rock and roll, that is now a mighty lamp stand.

Let us not overlook those circular holders for compact discs that you were about to relegate to the bin. These are the perfect size for carrying your lunchtime bagel to work. Get in!

Even by Skeletor’s standards, “this is becoming a wonderful day for being wicked”. Being wicked at upcycling that is.

Peace, love and cha cha cha.

Don’t behave!


O’Sulloc Tea House – Tea bag lampshades and other upcycling inspiration

12, Myeongdong 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 04534

Myeongdong Station, Line 4, Exit 6

Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 22:00, Friday – Saturday 09:00 – 23:00


Garbags – lovingly handmade bags and accessories upcycled from things you would have thrown away.


Hello my lovely! I left this letter under a plant pot in ‘O’Sulloc Tea House’ for a green-loving stranger to find.

I wonder if you are that stranger! If so, do get in touch with your thoughts. Who would win in a fight: He-Man or Batman?

Maybe you found this blog when you were Googling your He-Man data. I would love to hear from you too? Who would win in a fight: Cringer or sidekick Robin?

Cheerleading shimmys,


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