Celebrities and the present tense

Ryan Gosling arrives with a steak knife threat. I can confirm he tastes delicious.

Dear Inquisitive Stranger,

I suspect as you read this letter, you are nibbling on Julia Robert’s beer battered crab. Or maybe you are licking Tom Hanks’ spinach and water chestnut sauce from your lips. Personally, I’m into Emma Stone’s falafel but if you are a meat lover, you’ll be tucking into Ryan Gosling’s caramelised bacon.

‘Elliot’s Burgers’ Hollywood Boulevard menu lets you choose the celebrity burger of your dreams. Sampling Meg Ryan’s hummus is so dang tasty I am mighty glad I found this little gem of a restaurant. It was quite by chance.


It is the Lunar New Year holiday and I am having a Seoul staycation. Vacations, or ‘holidays’ where I come from, are an occasion to be free from obligation. This is an opportunity to frolic in the extravagance of owning our own time –  just make sure you use it wisely. Going abroad may mean falling into the routine of ticking items off the tourist ‘to do’ list. With so many travel guides directing us with the wheres and whens, it is easy to forget that landmarks are not the only reason we travel.


Use this time to be spontaneous and make connections with people you meet or places you stumble across. Have faith that your feet will unearth hidden treasure you had no idea you were looking for.

I discovered Elliot’s place playing the ‘Lefty Righty’ game with my holiday partner in crime. At every junction, we took it in turns to choose left, right or straight on. Seeing where the day took us, landed us on the doorstep of ‘Elliot’s Burgers’ and a juicy celebrity between my fingers. Well done, Feet. Taste Buds thank you profusely for being so present tense.


A wise oracle once proclaimed that we should seek not happiness, but to be present. She prescribed we make a choice of how to spend our time or energy, then be fully in that moment. This enlightened sage encouraged us to be willing to see where the moment takes us, even if it is a challenging place as we will grow from the experience.

Who is this wise oracle? You may know her earth moniker: Cindy Crawford.

Elliot, please create an enlightened burger in her name.

So, Stranger darling, let’s get busy replacing screen time with people time. You can start by bringing your attention back to the celebrity in your hands. I shall leave you with some judicious counsel from another enlightened dignitary. Mr Ferris Bueller, 80’s high school student and present tense champion, understood that to live fully, we cannot multitask the present.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Peace, love and cha cha cha,

Don’t behave!


Elliot’s Burgers – dine with, and eat, celebrities

129-4 Itaewon 1 (il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Monday – Thursday 12:00 – 21:00, Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 01:00


Listen to Cindy. She knows a thing or two about staying present. 


Hello. This letter was left with the celebrities at ‘Elliot’s Burgers’ for a present tense warrior to discover. If that is you, do get in touch! Feel free to share your words of wisdom or the name of your celebrity crush.

If you did not find this letter, I’d still like to hear from you! Who was your childhood celebrity sweetheart? Michael J. Fox still holds a sweet spot in my heart.

Do you have a crush? Oh I hope so!

With teen dreams and cherry kisses,



One Comment Add yours

  1. Lisanne says:

    Speaking of Cindi’s, I would be up for trying the true colours of a Cindy Lauper burger, one I know I could go back to time after time…
    What celebrity would you guys choose and why?
    Lyrical puns intended.
    Don’t behave…she Bob do the burger dance.


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