Coincidence and climate change

Dear Inquisitive Stranger,

It’s Saturday 24th March, 8.30pm and I am sat in ‘Lily and Paul’, a tea, cake and flowers emporium.

I am engaged in a highbrow conversation about philosophies of tea when the lights go out.


Kick out time of reckoning?

A puckish power cut?

Or, gasp, have I neglected to keep an eye on the clock? I realise it is Earth Hour, the global event when citizens extinguish lights to help protect our beautiful world.


Inquiries are made to the proprietor: Have the lights have been snuffed out in recognition of the fragility of our planet by reducing energy use to dwindle production of carbon dioxide, combat climate change, save the polar bears and become badass environmental superheroes?

“No”, says he, “it’s for the romance”.


So the bulbs were turned off at non-specific ‘romance o’clock’, exactly the same moment a global movement turned off the lights for a purpose.

Huh. Go figure.

While not a mind blowing coincidence, it corroborates my Happenstance Theory. When we fail to pick up the cues, Destiny deploys the undercover agent responsible for booby trapping our day with an accidentally casual connection.


Fate gets the huff and socks us with the signpost marked ‘coincidence’.

Yes, yes, I am not the foreman supervising the universe. It is not accountable to my dictatorship, nor has it any duty for its actions to be coherent to any mortal. Let’s face it, life can get pretty bonkers so let’s not try to make sense of the nonsensical and just get on with our day. Like the chicken that crossed the road, the universe has its own motivations so energy should cease being poured into interpretation. At ease, Universe. As you were.


But I mean, come on! Surely this coincidence is the universe’s memo to quit mindless banter about the Earl Grey catalyst for the duality of life and smarten up my attitude.


I should be at home, lights off, hidden under a pillow fort, reading Cormac McCarthy by candlelight. Post-apocalypse chic.


 Dear Stranger, I hope that you and legions of human counterparts did remember to switch off lights to thwart an environmental apocalypse from creeping nigh. Having missed the 8.30pm deadline, I shall have my post-apocalypse fort-building event, post event. At least I have found a use for those old curtains on the cupboard topshelf. I washed them last week. Coincidence? Ha! Not this time!

I tell you what though…Emma Stone and I have never once been spotted in the same room together. Coincidence? Just bringing the facts to your attention.


Peace, love and cha cha cha.

Don’t behave!


Lights on
Lights on. Non-romance o’clock.
Lights off. Romance o’clock.

Lily and Paul – go for the flowers, stay for the romance.

Apgujeoung station

Celebrate our beautiful planet. Turn off unused lights, taps, computers every day, not just for Earth Hour.

Hello you! This letter was left among the flowers in ‘Lily and Bloom’. Maybe you were the Inquisitive Stranger who discovered it or maybe you discovered this blog instead.

Either way, I would be delighted to hear from you with your Earth shaking ideas to keep our planet green and lovely or anything that inspires you today.

Sending good vibes,


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