Poetry and summer time


Dear Inquisitive Stranger,

On this snappy morning, I step in time to the beat of a spritely marching band. My roaming feet have parked me in ‘Summer Lane’ where doors are flung wide to invite inside the good times.

This sunny day inspires me to celebrate the season with a poem. I am jiving with sentiments of W. Wordsworth, that juicy poet laureate, who described poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”. My first foray into poetry writing since Michael J. Fox was deployed to teen dream duty on my bedroom wall. Let’s go frolic with words!

Because nothing says summer like pansies on your Salmon Waffle Eggs Benedict.

Lovely Stranger, I hope your day is filled with something that lights you up. Go feed your passion and your passion will feed you.

Peace, love and cha cha cha.

Don’t behave!



Sliding into Summer Time

Bright toes wriggle in tippy sandals,

   Hemlines rise for gossipy scandal.

     Watermelon drools over chatty chins,

       Wide, white smiles and beaming grins.


Good vibes tunes blast; me, far, sew,  

   No Whitneys here, just karaoke gusto.

     Driving songs all the way to the ocean,

       Shoulders scented in tropical sun lotion.


Sunshine drunken bumble bees,

   Bump through emerald-laden trees.

     Humming chant of a distant mower,

       Snaking hose pipe dribbling slower.


Along grassy paths, lazy feet stray,

   Peachy piebald light, feathers the way.

     Downy dandelion seeds glow in the breeze,

       Cherry kisses with your sweetheart squeeze.


Cool, pool blues melt into happy yellows,

   Hammock snoozing lounging fellows.

     Zesty lime ripens to triumphant orange,

       Sunset glow, a luminous lozenge.


   Gliding down the sanguine slide,

       Mmmmm, into the arms of summer time.



Summer Lane – daisy chain

43 Haenamu-ro 26-gil, Yongsan-gu.

Noksapyeong station, line 6, exit 2

Tuesday – Sunday 08:30am – 20:00


Hello! This letter was released into the wild for a stranger to find at ‘Summer Lane’.

Did you find it? I hope the discovery of a letter brought a smile to your day. It would be splendid to hear from you.

Perhaps you stumbled across this blog instead of the letter. It would lovely to connect with you too.

Poets are welcome to hit me up with their lyrics and inspiration.

In fondness and friendship,


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