We all cherish a handwritten letter.

When a superstar in your life has dedicated a moment to surprising you with a mailbox gift, your day is peppered with sunshine.

But why should these treats be limited to just the people we love? If a smile is contagious then surely finding a lost letter, like unearthing a treasure, will spread some unexpected merriment amongst strangers?

The quest is thus: Envelopes will be addressed to inquisitive folk then released into the wild, left to be discovered in Seoul’s coffee boutiques and food emporiums. Let’s not pretend this is an excellent opportunity for me to sample the wonderful food and coffee culture of this captivating country. Go, go gadget get-your-feast-on!

By leaving a paper trail across the city in which I dwell, I hope to radiate some friendly vibes and culinary recommendations to people I will most probably never meet.

Maybe the reader will be inspired to pass it forward? Hand scribbled hello notes to neighbours, nibs dipped in ink for thank you cards or pens picked up to scribe to an old buddy on the back of a bill. Each will be appreciated and treasured by the literary beneficiary.

Perhaps they will be intrigued to nibble on the gingerbread I glorify, dose up on the Darjeeling I prescribe, or become acquainted with the apple pie I applaud.

Or possibly the letter finder will not understand a word! My deepest apologies to the people of Korea. My Hangul is a work in progress so each envelope will come with a warning that the contents is an education in English, meanwhile, as a guest to your land, I promise to pursue my studies of your language.

This is my little contribution which I hope sprinkles a spoonful of cheerful sparkle in the world.

While plundering some rather fine looking cake along the way.